Quantum Symmetries Seminar
Organizers :  Adam Deaton · Pablo S. Ocal · Qing Zhang

The Quantum Symmetries Seminar is a seminar organized and run by graduate students, for graduate students. The goal of the seminar is to provide graduate students with a space in which to share and discuss topics within the framework of the algebraic presentation of quantum symmetries, in preparation for the Quantum Symmetries program at MSRI. The emphasis of the seminar is in clarity and good understanding of the material.

The structure of the seminar consists of weekly meetings on

  • Wednesdays in Blocker Building, room 111, at 11:30 am.

This semester we will be following Victor Ostrik's course on Tensor Categories at the CIMPA Research School on Quantum Symmetries. We have the task of covering all the proposed exercises and the necessary theory to do them.

Schedule and Contributions
Sep 4Pablo S. Ocal,
Exercise 1.
Sep 18Adam Deaton,
Exercise 3.
Sep 25Qing Zhang,
Exercise 2.
Oct 9Adam Deaton,
Exercise 6.
Oct 16Qing Zhang,
Exercise 12.
Additional Material

A systematic introduction to tensor categories and a review of their applications can be found in:


The goals achieved were the coverage of certain exercises in extensive detail.