Quantum Symmetries Seminar
Organizer :  Pablo S. Ocal

The Quantum Symmetries Seminar is a seminar organized and run by graduate students, for graduate students. The goal of the seminar is to provide graduate students with a space in which to share and discuss topics within the framework of the algebraic presentation of quantum symmetries. The emphasis of the seminar is in clarity and good understanding of the material.

The structure of the seminar consists of weekly meetings on

please contact the organizers for the password.

This semester we will be continuing the reading of Jens Carsten Jantzen's Lectures on Quantum Groups and Andrew Schopieray's Lie Theory for Fusion Categories: a Research Primer that was started during the Fall 2020 Quantum Symmetries Seminar. We have the task of understanding the representation theory of quantized enveloping algebras of simple Lie algebras.

Schedule and Contributions
Jan 12Harshit Yadav,
The categories 𝒞(𝖌,ℓ,q).
Jan 19Pablo S. Ocal,
Jan 26Pablo S. Ocal,
Modular data.
Feb 2Pablo S. Ocal,
Symmetries and quantum subgroups.
Feb 9Pablo S. Ocal,
The quantized enveloping algebra Uq(𝖌).
Feb 16Pablo S. Ocal,
Representations of Uq(𝖌).
Feb 23Pablo S. Ocal,
Examples of representations.
Mar 2Pablo S. Ocal,
The center and bilinear forms.
Mar 9Pablo S. Ocal,
R-matrices and kq[G].
Mar 16Pablo S. Ocal,
Braid group actions and PBW type basis.
Additional Material

Errata to Jantzen's lectures can be found in:

Some useful facts about universal enveloping algebras (as well as about the basics of finite dimensional representations of semisimple Lie algebras) can be found in:

A book that may be helpful to deepen into the material covered is:


The past editions of the Quantum Symmetries Seminar were: