Student Working Seminar in Algebra and Geometry
Organizer :  Pablo S. Ocal

The Student Working Seminar in Algebra and Geometry (aka SWAG) is a seminar organized and run by graduate students, for graduate students. The goal of the seminar is to provide graduate students with a space in which to share and discuss topics in Algebra and Geometry that they are interested and learning about. The emphasis of the seminar is in clarity and good understanding of the material, prioritizing them over speed or amount of material covered.

The structure of the seminar consists of weekly meetings on

  • Tuesdays in Blocker Building, room 628, at 4:00 pm.

This semester we will be continuing the reading of Hartshorne's "Algebraic Geometry" that was started during the Fall 2018 Student Working Seminar in Algebra and Geometry. We have the task of covering Chapter II, Sections 3-6.

Schedule and Contributions
Feb 5Pablo S. Ocal,
Organizational meeting.
Feb 12Thomas Yahl, C. J. Bott,
Basic definitions.
Feb 19Pablo S. Ocal, Elise Walker,
Basic definitions.
Mar 5Byeongsu Yu, C. J. Bott,
Basic definitions.
Mar 19C. J. Bott,
Basics of sheaves of modules.
Mar 26Byeongsu Yu,
Quasi-coherent sheaves.
Apr 2Elise Walker,
Basics of divisors and Weil divisors.
Apr 9Byeongsu Yu,
Divisors on curves.
Apr 16Thomas Yahl,
Cartier divisors.
Apr 23Byeongsu Yu,
Invertible sheaves.
Apr 30Pablo S. Ocal,
Closing meeting.
Additional Material

A compilation of basic definitions for the working mathematician can be found in:


The goals achieved were the coverage of Chapter II, Sections 3-6, in moderate detail (including additional examples). The reading of Hartshorne's "Algebraic Geometry" was deemed sufficient for the aim of the seminar, and will not be resumed.


Some of the past editions of the Student Working Seminar in Algebra and Geometry were: